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Custom-made Orthotics

Custom-made insoles are an individualized treatment for each patient. These insoles are designed to correct your footstep, addressing harmful moments generated by the foot during walking and compensating or preventing subsequent biomechanical and postural alterations.


Before considering custom insoles for the patient's feet, it is essential to conduct a biomechanical assessment.

Types of Custom Insoles


At Berkshire Podiatry, we tailor the insole to each type of footwear and activity. Our custom-made insoles, we use materials that best suit the purpose of the insoles.

We will use thinner materials to avoid problems with daily footwear and achieve flexibility, comfort, and better results. Likewise, we will combine thicker materials to increase foot control during sports activities while maintaining comfort.


We design specific models based on the patient's sporting activity and the desired outcome

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